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Piano :iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 2 0
No Regrets
Such a sentimental phrase
And we all know it’s not true
There will always be regret
Second guessing, second thoughts
Always the nagging feeling of
What if…
But there is such a thing as closure
Finally accepting that it’s done
There’s no going back in time
No rewind button for this show
There’s only a play, only a now
What you can do today, and plan for tomorrow
So yes there are regrets
Yes there are wishes and sorrows
But it happened, it’s over and done
So stop asking, and questioning
Because yes things changed
It will never be the same again  
And it’s time to move on
:iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 1 1
Thank You for the Support :iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 0 0
We used to be friends
It’s been some time now
I thought this would be done
But the feelings aren’t mutual
I guess I’m the only one
I thought we’d be talking
I though things would be the same
But you think you can mess with me
Like this is all some huge game
Well you know I still care about you
You know I always will
But I guess there are times
Where you just have to move on
So I’ll keep this to myself
Won’t bring it up again
But the memories will never fade
Because once, we were friends
:iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 4 0
Car window series: Sun Rays 2 :iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 1 1
So Hard to Leave it All Behind
Desperately clinging
To the past, and those in it
Knowing it’s time to move on
But not ready to let go
So the questions slowly forms
Having been there from the start
To leave
Or be left
Wait slowly for the pain to come
Or be the one to deliver the final blow
Be the one to take back the simple phrase
That is no longer passed back and forth
The simple "I love you"
That no longer holds a meaning
:iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 1 5
Tell Me How You Really Feel
You scream
“What’s wrong with you”
You cry
“How could you”
You gasp out
“I hate you”
When all you really mean is
“What’s wrong with me”
All you can think is
“Why did you”
And so you whisper
“I hate myself…”
:iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 2 0
By now
I don't care
What it is
You say to me
Anything at all,
everything at once
You may say
Whatever you want
Because I know that
No matter what you say
Even if it hurts
Your silence is so much worse
:iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 2 2
Always on Mind
I hope you know
That this is for you
Every note
And ever line
Every stanza
and every rhyme
Every thought
Of every kind
Has you
In it’s design
And I just want you to know
Your always on my mind
:iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 5 5
The Truth of Loneliness
I guess the bad thing about crying alone
Is that there’s no one there to comfort you
I guess the bad thing about pushing someone away
Is that sometimes they won’t come back
I guess the bad thing about screaming at nothing
Is that there’s no one who can hear you
I guess the bad thing about leaving someone in the dark
Is that they might not be able to find you
I guess the bad thing about giving up on yourself
Is that in the end, you’re the only one who cares
:iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 3 2
Cloudy Reflection :iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 1 2 Tennessee College Car Tour 8 :iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 0 0 Tennessee College Car Tour 7 :iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 0 0 Tennessee College Car Tour 6 :iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 0 0 Tennessee College Car Tour 5 :iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 0 0 Tennessee college car tour 4 :iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 0 0

Random Favourites

“Put me down.”
“I can walk.”
“Dammit, Kisame, put me down!”
Kisame sighed and looked over his shoulder to Itachi. He’d been carrying the Uchiha for over an hour, because he knew his partner was in no shape to walk. Unfortunately, the look in Itachi’s eyes told him not to argue. Sighing, he stopped and let Itachi slide off his back.
He nervously watched Itachi, in case his partner’s legs gave out. The Uchiha seemed fine. He stretched, took three steps forward….
And collapsed on the road.
Kisame shook his head and walked over. “See? You’re in no condition to move right now.” Itachi glared up at him. “Glare all you want, I’m still carrying you.” Itachi’s gaze softened and he held out his arms. Kisame kneeled down in front of him, and soon they were back on the road, the shark once again carrying his partner. All was silent for a while.
“How are your eyes?”
:iconxotakux2002x:xotakux2002x 114 322
Mature content
MY ITACHI :iconxotakux2002x:xotakux2002x 256 352
project runway. :iconbluetie:bluetie 80 57 .: Kyuubi Naruto :. :iconthe-kazekage:The-Kazekage 2 8 Naruto:: Ying Yang :iconthe-kazekage:The-Kazekage 6 15 Fluffy akatsuki sasunaru gift :iconninjagirl-rukai:ninjagirl-rukai 1,515 281 My Uchiha Desktop :iconfullmetalninja:FullMetalNinja 8 23 cherry blossoms :iconmayukichan:mayukichan 1,122 104 Little Acrobat :iconhellfirediva:hellfirediva 451 118 The Shade of Poison Trees :iconbarbiespice:BarbieSpice 21 23 ItaNaru : Red Moon :iconsekra:Sekra 1,713 149 SasuNaru: Alleyway :iconsekra:Sekra 4,262 322
The Taste -SasuNaru-
"Hey Naruto"
Naruto, busy thinking about getting to lunch, stopped dead in his tracks.  He angled his head to see Sakura walking up next to him.
"Hi Sakura!" he said recovering, "Joining me for ramen?"
"No yuck" she replied simply, "I had something I wanted to ask you."
"Hmm?" he asked, many thoughts running through his head.  Like, was Sakura going to ask him out.
"Would you kiss Sasuke again?"
"WHAT, again?! We never kissed!"
"Uh huh! You assaulted Sasuke in class! In front of everyone!
"I was pushed!"
"Whatever Naruto, but you sure didn't back off quick."
"Sakura" Naruto whined.
As they drew nearer the ramen stand Naruto's mind tuned Sakura out.
"Well would you do it again?" Sakura asked stepping between him and the ramen stand.
"Sure" Naruto replied not thinking, the smell of ramen overwhelming him, "If he tastes like ramen."
With that said he burst passed Sakura, knocking her slightly.  Sakura recovered slowly.  Glancing at Naruto, she walke
:iconyumiasuka:YumiAsuka 1,605 818
SasuNaru- Thunder Ch.1
*Crash!* Naruto jumped at the sound of thunder outside his small apartment window. Naruto was afraid of thunderstorms, accually, he was deadly afraid. Naruto started to panic. He hated being alone during a storm. He headed strait to the phone. Not many storms occured, but when they did, Naruto would always phone his best friend Sasuke, the only person who knew of his fear. He dialed the number and waited, fearfully, to hear Sasuke's voice.
"Hey, Dobe, is that you?" Sasuke sounded wide awake, which was wierd considering it was almost 1am.
"Sas-s-Sasuke!!" Naruto whimpered.
"Hey, calm down. Shh, shh. It's OK, I already have my shoes on and I'm heading out. Just wait there." Naruto put down the phone before another word was said.
By the time Sasuke got to Naruto's apartment, Naruto was sitting on the couch, huddled into a ball. He was slightly shaking. Sasuke walked slowly towards Naruto and sat closely next to him. He then wrapped his arms around the frighte
:icondtoda:dtoda 1,315 342



Artist | Literature
I love music. Listening to it and playing it. I play guitar, viola and piano. I have composed one piece, but that was a long time ago. I learn songs by ear because i can't read the treble cleft. I usually only learn songs by request of a friend, or family member.

Current Residence: definitely somewhere
Favourite genre of music: R&B, Rap, Punk
MP3 player of choice: Sansa Sandisk
  • Listening to: Down- Rakim y Ken Y
  • Reading: The Odyssey... ALMOST DONE!!
  • Watching: Hancock
  • Eating: Ice Cream
  • Drinking: Water
So, i sign on today and i see that i have 2000 page views and 35 watchers

Wow... A year ago i joined this site because I wanted to put up some poetry I was experimenting with. Over the past year I've been introduced to so many different types of art, and it seems my art has actually reached out to at least a few people.

That's more than I can ask for so really, REALLY, Thank you.

Moving on...I have a lot of pictures and i'm in the process of several poems so those should be posted soon



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