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Piano :iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 2 0
No Regrets
Such a sentimental phrase
And we all know it’s not true
There will always be regret
Second guessing, second thoughts
Always the nagging feeling of
What if…
But there is such a thing as closure
Finally accepting that it’s done
There’s no going back in time
No rewind button for this show
There’s only a play, only a now
What you can do today, and plan for tomorrow
So yes there are regrets
Yes there are wishes and sorrows
But it happened, it’s over and done
So stop asking, and questioning
Because yes things changed
It will never be the same again  
And it’s time to move on
:iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 1 1
Thank You for the Support :iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 0 0
We used to be friends
It’s been some time now
I thought this would be done
But the feelings aren’t mutual
I guess I’m the only one
I thought we’d be talking
I though things would be the same
But you think you can mess with me
Like this is all some huge game
Well you know I still care about you
You know I always will
But I guess there are times
Where you just have to move on
So I’ll keep this to myself
Won’t bring it up again
But the memories will never fade
Because once, we were friends
:iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 4 0
Car window series: Sun Rays 2 :iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 1 1
So Hard to Leave it All Behind
Desperately clinging
To the past, and those in it
Knowing it’s time to move on
But not ready to let go
So the questions slowly forms
Having been there from the start
To leave
Or be left
Wait slowly for the pain to come
Or be the one to deliver the final blow
Be the one to take back the simple phrase
That is no longer passed back and forth
The simple "I love you"
That no longer holds a meaning
:iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 1 5
Tell Me How You Really Feel
You scream
“What’s wrong with you”
You cry
“How could you”
You gasp out
“I hate you”
When all you really mean is
“What’s wrong with me”
All you can think is
“Why did you”
And so you whisper
“I hate myself…”
:iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 2 0
By now
I don't care
What it is
You say to me
Anything at all,
everything at once
You may say
Whatever you want
Because I know that
No matter what you say
Even if it hurts
Your silence is so much worse
:iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 2 2
Always on Mind
I hope you know
That this is for you
Every note
And ever line
Every stanza
and every rhyme
Every thought
Of every kind
Has you
In it’s design
And I just want you to know
Your always on my mind
:iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 5 5
The Truth of Loneliness
I guess the bad thing about crying alone
Is that there’s no one there to comfort you
I guess the bad thing about pushing someone away
Is that sometimes they won’t come back
I guess the bad thing about screaming at nothing
Is that there’s no one who can hear you
I guess the bad thing about leaving someone in the dark
Is that they might not be able to find you
I guess the bad thing about giving up on yourself
Is that in the end, you’re the only one who cares
:iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 3 2
Cloudy Reflection :iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 1 2 Tennessee College Car Tour 8 :iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 0 0 Tennessee College Car Tour 7 :iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 0 0 Tennessee College Car Tour 6 :iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 0 0 Tennessee College Car Tour 5 :iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 0 0 Tennessee college car tour 4 :iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 0 0

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.:KakaSasu:. Sleep
"Kakashi-sensei?" I murmured, staring, wide-eyed up at my guardian.
"Go to sleep, Sasuke." He answered simply, not even looking over at me.
"But Kakashi-sensei.." I objected weakly. Once again I'd failed to get his attention.
"Sasuke, go to sleep." He repeated.
"But~!" I began. He shook his head.
"No, so get some sleep." He said simply. I frowned. 'I didn't even ask yet...' I thought, pouting and flopping my head down on my pillow. About a minute passed in silence before I broke down and spoke again.
"...I love you?" I murmured, the words half muffled by my pillow. I couldn't see his face in the dark but I heard the smile in his tone.
"I love you too, Sasuke."
I couldn't help but smile at that, I hadn't heard those words in so long.
Shortly before I drifted completely off to sleep I felt Kakashi's weight shift and a calloused, but gentle hand on my cheek.
"And yes, I'll be here when you wake up." He murmured, I felt a warmth spread over me, both from his body against mine
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WHY DO I LOVE HIM epilogue
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~back to the present~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
“Deidara, wake up!”
“Hmm?” Deidara blinked and looked at Konan. “What is it, un?”
“You’ve been staring off into space for ten minutes! Now answer my question! Why do you love Sasori?!”
Deidara thought for a moment, then smiled. “I guess I love Sasori danna………….because he’s my danna.”
“Huh?” Konan shot him a confused look. “What kind of answer is that?”
“The kind you’ll get from him,” a voice called out. The two Akatsuki turned and saw a familiar figure in the living room doorway. “DANNA!” Deidara cried, leaping to his feet and running at the puppet master, glomping him. “I thought you weren’t coming back until tomorrow, un!”
“I came back early,” Sasori answered, stroking the blonde’s hair. “And I’m tired as hell.” The red head turned and began walking towards
:iconxotakux2002x:xotakux2002x 43 193
“Aww Hidan, you broke my phone!” Kisame whined, picking up the poor electronic.
“As soon as your Jashin damned phone becomes our damn priority, I’ll let you know,” Hidan growled. Kakuzu carefully picked up Deidara. “Come on, we need to get him back home.” The others nodded, and the group began walking back to the apartment. Once they arrived they immediately set Deidara on the couch. Kakuzu had the most medical knowledge next to the absent red head, and quickly looked Deidara over. “He’s fine. He’ll just need some rest.”
There was peace for all of ten minutes before Konan and Itachi walked inside, looking extremely distressed. Konan saw Deidara and screamed, running over to the couch and squeezing the blonde tightly to her chest. “Oh thank god you’re ok Deidara!” she cried, tears dripping down her face.
Kisame looked at Itachi. “Where’s Sasori?”
“He ran off when we got the call. The signal was pre
:iconxotakux2002x:xotakux2002x 145 294
“Why the fuck did we come all the way out here again?” Hidan was sitting cross-legged on the floor of a cave, wiping the blood off his scythe. He barely even glanced at the piles of dead bodies around him; most of them were his victims.
Kakuzu sighed as he sat on a nearby rock and repaired some of his stitches that had torn in the battle. Really, his partner could be so stupid. “For the thousandth time, to get a bounty. The guy who’s in charge of these weaklings is worth a small fortune.” He smiled, already thinking of the money he’d get once their target was killed.
“I fucking know that!” Hidan yelled. “What I’m asking is, why did you have to take a fucking job that took us all the way to this fucking hellhole?!”  
“First; quick swearing, you heathen. Second; the bastard was supposed to be here, not just a bunch of his cronies. And third; I just told you, this guy’s worth a lot of cash, so it’ll be worth i
:iconxotakux2002x:xotakux2002x 119 203
Sasori woke up to the sound of dishes clinking against the countertop. He rose to his feet and stretched before walking into the kitchen. Deidara was putting dishes into the sink; apparently he’d just finished eating. “How are you feeling?” Sasori asked quietly, sneaking up behind the blonde.
Deidara started and turned to the puppet master. “Fine, un. Just a little sore, that’s all, un.” Sasori nodded and began looking around the room, not really sure what to do. “You leave at ten, right, un?” Sasori turned back to the blonde. “Yes.”
“I have to take care of a few things in town, un. But I’ll be there, ok?” Sasori wanted to protest and get the blonde to skip the whole day, but decided against it. No point in making their goodbye any more painful than it had to be. “Ok. You know where to go, right?”
“Yeah, un.” Deidara walked up to the red head and kissed him, arms wrapping around his neck as Sasori pull
:iconxotakux2002x:xotakux2002x 56 342
Kisame walked into the living room to find Deidara walking around, grumbling as he picked up several strangely shaped objects. Kisame raised a brow at the large bundle of objects already tucked under Deidara’s arm. “Deidara, what are you doing?” he finally asked.
“He’s trying to put me back together,” Sasori snapped, nearly making Kisame jumped out of his skin. The shark finally recognized one of the things tucked under Deidara’s arm as Sasori’s head. “What happened?” he managed to get out.
“I made Itachi mad, and he was gonna kill me, un,” Deidara explained, grabbing what appeared to be Sasori’s forearm from the floor. “Then danna came into the room and saved me, un. But Itachi tore him to pieces, and now Sasori danna’s all over the base, un.”
“Would you kindly try to calm the weasel down?” Sasori asked.
“No problem. Any idea where he went?” Kisame said.
“Outside, un. We locked the
:iconxotakux2002x:xotakux2002x 150 213
GaaLee - cooking time :icondarksahdow:DarkSahdow 3,536 511



Artist | Literature
I love music. Listening to it and playing it. I play guitar, viola and piano. I have composed one piece, but that was a long time ago. I learn songs by ear because i can't read the treble cleft. I usually only learn songs by request of a friend, or family member.

Current Residence: definitely somewhere
Favourite genre of music: R&B, Rap, Punk
MP3 player of choice: Sansa Sandisk
  • Listening to: Down- Rakim y Ken Y
  • Reading: The Odyssey... ALMOST DONE!!
  • Watching: Hancock
  • Eating: Ice Cream
  • Drinking: Water
So, i sign on today and i see that i have 2000 page views and 35 watchers

Wow... A year ago i joined this site because I wanted to put up some poetry I was experimenting with. Over the past year I've been introduced to so many different types of art, and it seems my art has actually reached out to at least a few people.

That's more than I can ask for so really, REALLY, Thank you.

Moving on...I have a lot of pictures and i'm in the process of several poems so those should be posted soon



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